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7-Eleven Slurpee Unity Tour

Uniting the country through purple sugary goodness!

(winner of the “Best in Show” Promo’s PRO award 2011!)

Sparked by President Obama’s call for a “Slurpee Summit”.  

7-Eleven’s Slurpee Unity Tour was a massive cross country campaign that sought to bring unity to our fine country through the simple joy of, as President Obama said “a delicious beverage”.

The series saw daily episodes released in real time as a caravan of Slurpee trucks crossed the country, handing out free Slurpee’s (including the brand new “Purple for the People” flavor) and finding out just what Unity meant to the people.

Hosted by Mike Mclendon, the campaign was an incredible success as Unity and Hilarity was spread across the land.

Slurpee Unity Tour Case Study
Butler University
Compliment Rap Battle

7-Eleven Road Trip Rally

A massive branded entertainment campaign – the 7-11 Road Trip Rally was a reality series that followed two teams (one on the East Coast, one on the West Coast) as they traveled across the country, eating at 7-Eleven’s and participating in a variety of challenges. Their end destination: the INDY 500.

HLG Studios was brought on to run the the entire production – from auditioning the actors and host, to organizing the trip, to creating the music, to shooting, editing and releasing next day episodes during the campaign’s 3 week run.  The series was a huge success with millions of views and an active and engaged audience.

Case Study
Day 1
Compliment Rap Battle
Day 4
Day 16
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