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A dark comedy about eating disorders and addiction.

Based on the real experiences of Angela Gulner — the co-writer and lead actress — BINGE is a dark comedy about bulimia and addiction.

We so strongly believe in Angela’s story that we felt the best course of action was to shoot a Pilot of the series and self-release it. The fact is, it’s still hard to sell stories about real, messy, honest women and we wanted to show The People Who Have Money that there is a market clamoring for shows like this. So far, we’ve been right!

With great press and an overwhelmingly positive response, BINGE has been a huge success.

You can see all our recent press here:


The Blind Girl

Four Valentine's Days. Four stages of bulimia. Four terrible, co-dependent dates.

A short film prequel to BINGE.


Guest Starring Drake Bell and Kevin Avery!

How to Lose Weight in the Apocalypse

A new 3 part series!

Angela and Kate navigate a pandemic while desperately trying not to spiral out of control.

Set during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we produced this 3 part series through self shot footage, screen capture, BRoll and a bevy of remote tech.

An experiment in producing under extreme restrictions, our goal was to do what we could to provide community, support and laughter under quarantine life.

Part 1 is currently live and parts 2 and 3 will be dropping soon!

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