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We are an award-winning, critically acclaimed company who has literally written the book on new media. With over 7 years of experience, we have helped create and evolve the digital entertainment space — and all this while having a delightfully silly name. 


Much like new media itself, we are built to create your campaigns with speed, innovation, affordability and, above all else, quality.



Writing | Storyboarding

Staffing | Budgeting

Production Management



Cinematography | DP | Directing

Grip | Electric | Gaffing

Production Coordination

Makeup | Wardrobe | Styling

Post Production

Editing | Visual Effects

Original Scoring | Sound Design

Finishing | ADR | Motion Graphics




“The second season of Web series Leap Year attracted 2.3 million viewers during its initial 10-week run from June 18 to August 20 ”



“[Leap Year] is the web series to watch!” -Forbes


“[Leap Year is] …slickly shot… the scripts were a cut above everything else out there…” -TVGuide


“Leap Year is WebTV’s pick of the week” –USA Today


“Leap Year is beyond brilliant” -Entertainment Tonight


“…preposterously convoluted but compelling… [Break a Leg] is a funny and well-crafted show.” -Wall Street Journal


“…a terrifically droll comedy web serial…[Break a Leg is] The Larry Sanders Show mixed up with Sunset Boulevard.” -The Times


“[Break a Leg] is ahead of it’s time” -San Francisco Chronicle


Best Branded Media Series

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Honoree for Best Drama Series

 Best Drama Series 

Best Entertainment Series 

Best Branded Series​

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Globes’ Best Sponsorship

Bronze Local Addy Award

Gold Reggie Award

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Best in Show Local Addy Award

Gold Local Addy Award

Best Promotion of the Year

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