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Working with Friskies and Reach Agency, HLG Studios helped bring to life three different campaigns spanning dozens of videos and garnering millions of views.

Friskies - No ____ Til'

Friskies - DIY Cat Toy Series

Partnering with Friskies and Reach Agency, HLG Studios was tasked with creating a series of fun and stylish DIY Cat toy videos.

From a “Self-Petting Station” to the “Cat-Tipi” this series shows you the fun you can have with some household items and a little crafty ingenuity.  Your cats will love you for it.


View the entire series on YouTube!

Friskies - No ____ Till'

Cats are demanding animals and if they don't get what they want, they'll make sure you don't either.

Friskies - How to Name Your Cat

How does one find the best possible name for their cat?

HLG studios set out to answer that very question in this original series for Friskies.

This 10-part series explores the wild world of cat naming by seeking the help of a famous cat therapist, immersing you within a 360° cat party, navigating a Rube Goldberg-like set of twists and turns, and more!

Working off of the success of The Friskies Awards 2014 HLG Studios worked with Reach Agency to repurpose the thousands of user submitted cat videos into this entertaining and humorous series.

Friskies - Life is a Game

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