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The new website is LIVE!!

That's right, lovely people, we've entered 2018 with a brand new, beautiful website designed by the great Laura Coover (which, if you need a new website, she is amazing, fast, and wildly skilled -- comment here if you're interested in her building you a site!) -- and we couldn't be happier!

A quick update on our year-to-date:

* Our Netflix ads launched on YouTube and you can see the whole, three-episode series here.

* Our series, Binge, has successfully completed it's crowdfunding campaign, raising 43,000 dollars (over 8,000 more than the target goal). We are now in pre-production for the viral bulimia comedy.

* Our Disney series, Dan is Dead, is fully completed and we are actively looking for a distribution partner for the 8 episode, Drake Bell-starring scripted series.

* We are working on multiple branded campaigns (as well as an original series) -- all of which can't currently be announced or talked about, but look at us tease you! TEASE!

Thank you for reading -- we'll update soon!


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