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Rebel and a Basket Case

Music from Evan Rachel Wood and Zach Villa

We were contacted by our good friend Zach Villa and his bandmate, the fantastic Evan Rachel Wood — or, as the world now knows her: the sweet robot, Dolores, who lives in Westworld — to help them create three music videos for their band, REBEL AND A BASKETCASE. We loved their music — a throwback to the Bowie-infused-80s — and jumped at the chance to work with such talented artists.

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Lightning Look

Evan Rachel Wood’s Directorial Debut!


The second of three music videos produced for the insanely talented Evan Rachel Wood and Zach Villa for their band Rebel and a Basket Case.

Lightning Look is an eclectically retro and neon-electric infused exploration of the agony of desire.

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Directed by Evan Rachel Wood, shot by Justin Mark Morrison and edited by Dashiell Reinhardt.


For our first collaboration with RBC, we decided upon a purely visual and experimental piece.  We asked ourselves: if Andy Warhol had a pool party and REBEL AND A BASKETCASE performed, what would the music video look like?


We think something like this. It was directed by our very own Yuri Baranovsky, shot by Justin Mark Morrison and edited by Dashiell Reinhardt.

Enjoy the videos, and don’t forget to like, comment and share!

Here are some links:

Music of Rebel and a Basketcase

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@Evan Rachel Wood


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