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The Summoned

An intense, brooding indie horror/thriller directed by Mark Meir, written by Yuri Baranovsky and produced by HLG Studios -- Coming this July via XYZ Films!

See it at the Overlook and FrightFest film festivals this summer!

Acquisition Announcement

Check out IGN's review!

USA Today says:

"Echoes of "Get Out" and "Ready or Not".. a blood-spattered chiller that smartly tackles fame and success”


Elijah and his rock star girlfriend Lyn are forced into making the ultimate choice when they and another couple are invited to an exclusive self-help retreat run by the enigmatic Dr. Frost. As Elijah struggles with the emotionally distant Lyn and is tempted by a sensual fellow attendee, he discovers that he’s been summoned to settle a supernatural debt that dates back generations

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